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mobile car valet & detail in berkshire

deluxe valet

Small Car: £ 140
SUV/ 4 X 4 will be £ 20 extra

This package is if you want to go all out, bringing our interior deep clean & exterior treatment from our mini valet together! Also, a ceramic coating was applied to the entire vehicle to give it that boosted gloss look and 6-month protection. Your car will look like it’s just been driven out of the showroom once we are finished with it.

interior includes

⁃ Rubbish removed
⁃ Full interior vacuumed
⁃ steam cleaner used to clean all surfaces. Destroying all bacteria & germs
⁃ Full carpet shampoo of entire fabric upholstery using a steamer, drill brush & our wet-vac extractor, fabric will then be protected by fabric guard
⁃ Leather deep cleaned using our steamer, leather cleaner & wiped down then will be protected with leather shield
⁃ Dashboard cleaned & dusted
⁃ Glass surfaces wiped down
⁃ Steering wheel given a clean using the steam cleaner & wiped down with our ‘yum interior spray’
⁃ All air vents are flushed with steam to remove any bad smells
⁃ Middle compartments & side pockets cleaned
⁃ Door shuts will be cleaned & wiped down
⁃ Our ‘yum’ lemon zest fragrant will be applied for a long lasting luxurious smell

exterior includes

⁃ Vehicle will be rinsed down with the pressure washer
⁃ Acid-free wheel cleaner applied to alloys
⁃ Tyre walls & arches brushed & cleaned
⁃ citrus pre-wash applied to the whole vehicle
⁃ Snow foam applied
⁃ Vehicle thoroughly rinsed using pressure washer
⁃ Our ‘yum’ shampoo will be applied using ultra soft microfibre mitts
⁃ Vehicle is then throughly rinsed again using the pressure washer
⁃ Vehicle then dried using microfibre cloths
⁃ Alloys wiped down & tires dressed
⁃ Our ‘yum’ ceramic coating will then be applied to the entire vehicle to boost gloss & provide a 6 month protection
⁃ Final inspection to see if the vehicle is up to our standard!

All products used are premium top of the range products by ‘yumcars’
Duration: 4-5 Hours